Jul. 9. 2014

What’s behind Colombia’s social entrepreneurship boom?

A new kind of business model is taking off in Colombia, thanks to new ideas, new technologies, and a new state of mind

Jul. 16. 2014

Photo Gallery: The Graduation Program in Colombia & Brazil

Documenting the Graduation Program's comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation for the most vulnerable

Jun. 27. 2014

Learning through the eyes of community

Developing financial inclusion programs that work is above all an act of listening, not imposition.

May. 27. 2014

What’s the best technology for the poor?

Why low-income communities should be getting the latest - not the leftovers - when it comes to technology that can improve their lives.

May. 16. 2014

‘LISTA’ a finalist at Digital Bank LATAM 2014

Better banking through technology and innovation

May. 11. 2014

Meet María Briyeth

For Mother's Day, a story about childhood.

May. 1. 2014

Innovation, financial inclusion and what’s to come

CEO Yves' Moury sat down with Colombian magazine Semana Sostenible to talk micro-credit, savings and debt

Apr. 30. 2014

Partnerships for Financial Inclusion

The Inter-American Social Protection Network hosts its annual high level dialogue on financial inclusion

Apr. 22. 2014

Where the rubber hits the road: sustainability & social impact

This Earth Day, take a look at Taller 361º, an LBM initiative with an environmental twist

Apr. 22. 2014

Five Years of Fundación Capital

It's our birthday! Fundación Capital celebrates half a decade working to eradicate poverty.

Apr. 11. 2014

Finance Only Works if it Works for Everyone

See how inclusive finance helps the poor define their own way out of poverty

Apr. 10. 2014

“The road is made by walking…”

Fundación Capital founder Yves Moury receives a Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship 2014

Apr. 5. 2014

“I thought they were crazy. What money was I supposed to save with? ”

Agripina Perea learned the power of savings, started her own business, and helped children in her community in the process.

Apr. 4. 2014

A Sneak Peek at Skylight Pictures’ Disruption

Can 20 million women upend a continent?

Apr. 4. 2014

Asset-building for territories in conflict

How financial inclusion can help communities recover and thrive

Apr. 3. 2014

“Channeling” a collaborative economy

LittleBigMoney launches its first channel with help from The AppDate

Apr. 2. 2014

Explore the Colombia LISTA Tablet App

Fundación Capital’s award winning financial education program is available for download

Apr. 2. 2014

How far can technology take us?

Harnessing information and communications technology to reach millions of families in need

Apr. 1. 2014

Learning Exchange in the Southern Cone

Sharing stories and experiences with Kakuaa, a Proyecto Capital financial inclusion pilot in Paraguay

Mar. 30. 2014

Partnering with Escuela Nueva in El Salvador

Fundación Capital and fellow Skoll awardee Escuela Nueva are teaming up for financial education in Central America